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November 29, 2016

NS is a unique college program serving the needs of Inuit youth across Canada. We offer two Certificate programs - Inuit Studies, and Advanced Inuit Studies - under the auspices of Algonquin College in Ottawa. Students come together to study Inuit history, land claims, Inuit organizations and issues, and Inuit culture and language; by living away from home for eight months, they also develop the life skills needed to prepare for entry into the workforce back home, and/or for further post-secondary studies.

Video: "I see my culture in a different light and it makes me proud of who I am"

Photo Of The Week

Justin Milton participates in a two-day video game making workshop run by Pinnguaq.

March 16: Justin Milton participates in a two-day video game making workshop run by Pinnguaq.

Meet this year's students!

Natasha Qamaniq

Natasha Qamaniq from Igloolik

Cara Killiktee

Cara Killiktee from Pond Inlet

Grad profile of the month

Tamara Takpannie (/2016) is our grad of the month for July 2016

"NS was a very unexpected choice for me after completing my high school. I didn't know what to expect when I applied but I did know that I wanted to reconnect with my heritage. I'm an urban Inuk who never grew up with my culture/language and…"

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2017 Alumni Survey

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The 2017 alumni survey provides information on where students came from before they attended NS and what they did after completion of the program.

NS Timeline

NS in 1987/1988

Browse our timeline to see how NS has grown from a small land claims training program back in the 1980's to today's multi-year college program available to Inuit youth from all over Canada.