Cultural Outreach

If learning more about their history and culture is part of the students’ classroom experience, so is sharing it with the world!

During their year in Ottawa, students regularly go out into the community to educate local residents about Inuit history, culture, and current issues, and thus become ambassadors for Inuit and for Nunavut. These community outreach opportunities take a variety of forms:


Students are in high demand each year to deliver Cultural Awareness Workshops to university students and federal public servants. The students take great pride in sharing their culture through presentations of the Inuit story, performances, and direct small-group discussions. These 2-6 hour workshops are also great confidence boosters for the students.

Women throat singing

“NS has made me proud to be an Inuk, just by learning our history and showing my Inuk pride at performances.”

School Visits

NS students regularly visit schools throughout the Ottawa area to educate local children, youth, and teachers about Inuit culture and history. They demonstrate songs, dances, clothing and tools, and invite students to participate in Inuit games and other hands-on cultural activities. Students often rate these school visits as a highlight of their year at NS.

“Before NS I never touched a drum and being here and doing performances makes me feel I gained a bit of my culture back.”
– RM

“I fell in love with performing. I am not shy anymore to perform.”
– PA

Community Events

Every year, students take pride in sharing their culture with the Ottawa Inuit community as well as the city of Ottawa.

Our community events include the annual Winterlude, the Governor Generals’ winter party celebrations and more. We are fortunate to take part in various celebrations and to be working with many Ottawa based Inuit organizations such as Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami, Tungasuvignat Inuit, Inuqaatigiit, Pauktuutit, as well as various invitations connection to current political events.

Watch video: NS in the community

The Play

In 2017, NS created a dramatization of the Inuit Story to perform for the local Ottawa community at the Arts Court Theatre. The two-act presentation, performed to sold-out audiences for two nights each spring, is an emotionally powerful representation of the Inuit experience in Canada. The proceeds from these performances help fund the students’ international cultural exchange trip at the end of their year.

“It has been a life changing experience. I have learned a lot about Nunavut, our culture, and most importantly, myself. I’m glad I took the step and I have more pride in Inuit.”

Poster promoting NS play

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