Information for students

We want to make sure your time at NS is a positive experience for you. Several services are available to help you, and of course staff are aways open to your questions and concerns.


Living away from home means that you have to cover all your own expenses. This means budgeting your money and spending it wisely so that your most basic needs - i.e., housing, food, bus pass, laundry, etc - are always being met.

Easy to say, hard to do, but over 450 NS students have found a way to do it!

Here's a sample budget for one month for a single student receiving financial assistance from FANS in Nunavut:

INCOME $1034 Amt. Left
Rent $522 $512
Food $200 $312
Bus pass $105 $207
Cell phone $60 $147
Laundry $30 $117
Toiletries $35 $82
Household $35 $47
Lunches $47 $00

Obviously, it helps to save money before coming to NS, so you'll be able to enjoy more than the basics of life in the city.

To supplement the students' income, NS creates a City Living Fund each year that enables students to engage in healthy activities involving entertainment, recreation, fitness, or group fun. The Fund can help pay for admission fees to events, registration fees for fitness classes and sporting activities, group recreational activities such as bowling, laser tag, and movies, and transportation. The Fund is based on $50 per month per student.


Being away from one's family and community for an extended time is perhaps the most common - and difficult - challenge that students face, especially those in the 1st Year of the NS program. It's a challenge that is real, and understandable.

All NS students live with homesickness, but as the record shows, the vast majority find a way to stay in the program and make it all the way through their year.

One of the great strengths of the NS program is that a student never needs to feel alone; students go through the year as a group, and so there is always someone within close reach when they're feeling down, for any reason.

NS staff are also available 24/7. Students are provided with the Instructors' home phone numbers when they arrive in Ottawa and are encouraged to phone anytime they have a need.NS also has a full-time Social Worker on staff, and a trained psychologist in the office one day each week to help students cope with emotional stresses of any kind.

We encourage students to stay in touch with family as much as they need to. Some NS apartments come with free long-distance phone service; phones at the school are also available for students to use at any time. E-mail, Facebook, and Skype are additional tools for staying connected with family.

Important Dates

Deadlines... For Applying to NS: April 15th
(Applications received after that date will still be considered if space is available)

For Applying for Funding

Nunavut (FANS): July 15

NWT (SFA): July 15

Nunatsiavut: March 1

Nunavik: February 1

Southern Canada: contact NS by February for direction

Program Dates

Fall term begins: September 6, 2016

Fall term end: December 17, 2016

Winter term begins: January 4, 2017

Winter term ends: May 17, 2017

Sources of funding

Note: When filling out funding applications, the name of the institution is "Algonquin College" and the name of the program is either "Inuit Studies," or "Advanced Inuit Studies." Each is a 1-year Certificate program.

Where should I apply for funding?

This depends on where you're from:

Nunavut Land Claims Beneficiaries

Students who are NLCA beneficiaries and who are residents of Nunavut can obtain financial support from the Nunavut government's Dept. of Family Services under its Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students program (FANS).
Single students receive $3,050 + $200 for tuition and books each term. They also get two return airfares from their home community to Ottawa, plus a monthly living allowance of $1,034. Students with dependents receive a higher amount, although they don't receive tickets to return home at Christmas.

Deadline for applying is July 15th.

Note: NLCA beneficiaries who don't reside in Nunavut and therefore don't qualify for FANS should contact NS as soon as they've decided to apply to NS. Staff can advise you on alternative sources of funding.

Nunatsiaq Government Beneficiaries

Students who are beneficiaries of the Nunatsiavut Self-Government Agreement should apply to the Department of Education and Economic Development for support under its Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP).Deadline for applying is March 1st

Nunatsiavut Government - PSSSP
95 LeMarchant Road, Suite 203
St. John's, NL A1C 2H1
Tel: 709-754-2587
Toll-free: 1-877-777-2589
Fax: 709-754-2364

Applicants should consult the Student Handbook that outlines all the criteria and procedures for applying.

Inuvialuit Beneficiaries

Students who are beneficiaries of the Inuvialuit Land Claims Agreement should apply to the Government of the Northwest Territories' Student Financial Assistance (SFA) program.

Deadline for applying is July 15th

Nunavik Beneficiaries

Students who are beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Land Claims Agreement should apply to the Kativik School Board (KSB) Post-Secondary Education Sponsorship Program.Deadline for applying is February 1st.


Governments are not the only source of financial support. Many organizations, institutions, companies and foundations offer scholarships to students who qualify.

Below is a list of scholarships that are available for Inuit students and/or northerners.

Each scholarship will have its own deadline for applying, so be sure to check that out first. Then look at whom the scholarships are meant for, and what you need to do to qualify.


If you are a beneficiary of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA) and have been approved by FANS, you can book your own flight through Top of the World Travel. FANS will be paying for the ticket.

Book your flight to arrive in Ottawa on the day before classes start. NS staff will meet you and provide you with a place to stay if you need it. If you choose to come earlier, you will have to find your own accommodation until the day before school starts.

If you book your return flight at the same time, book it for after December 17th, which is the last day of classes for the Fall term.