Tamara Takpannie

Tamara Takpannie
Ottawa, Iqaluit
Graduation Year
Current Activity

After graduating the 1st Year at NS, I began working at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development of Canada (now INAC) as a junior policy analyst in the Inuit Relations Secretariat for the summer. It was an amazing experience being able to work in a position that I was able to help other Inuit indirectly. After completing the 2nd Year at NS, I'm now enrolled in my second year at Carleton University.

How NS affected me

NS was a very unexpected choice for me after completing my high school. I didn't know what to expect when I applied but I did know that I wanted to reconnect with my heritage. I'm an urban Inuk who never grew up with my culture/language and heritage. After completing first year, I have gained a greater knowledge of who my ancestors are and in return, who I am. As it turns out, I had no idea about any of the past and present leaders that the Inuit population across the circumpolar world had. Its very inspiring to learn about the history of the NLCA, the amount of fight that our leaders put into creating a better future for the future generations. It gives me hope knowing that with effort it is possible to change the outcome of the future. I've since connected with my culture by learning how to speak Inuktitut, learning how to miqsuq (sew) different articles of clothing, learning about the history and contemporary issues that Inuit face today. I've also gained confidence in myself that I wouldn't otherwise have had.

Future Goals

I'm still indecisive about my future, but I do know there are two avenues I would like to approach. I've applied to the School of Social Work at Carleton because one of my dreams is to connect with the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre as a Children's Aid Worker in order to give the Inuit children and families voice. Another one of my dreams is to become a registered nurse and either work in my mom's home community of Iqaluit or work for the Inuit in Ottawa at Akausivik Inuit Family Health Team.