Usaaraq Jari Aariak

Usaaraq Jari Aariak
2-year program
Graduation Year
Current Activity

After completing the first and second year of the Nunavut Sivuniksavut Program, I am now attending the second year of the Aboriginal Enriched Support Program (AESP) at Carleton University. The courses I'm taking right now are 2nd-year Indigenous studies, Social Work and Social Welfare, and Introduction to Anthropology.

How NS affected me

The Nunavut Sivuniksavut program gave me a better understanding of how Nunavut was created and the significant changes our people and leaders went through during the time of transition and assimilation. So by the time I finished the program, I understood how that the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement and Inuit organizations helped the territory and Inuit build a better future. I feel more informed now about what is going on in Inuit regions across Canada in terms of contemporary housing and education issues and the impacts they have on Inuit. Programs like NS help students to understand their history and current issues, and they do it by working together as a group. The students then bring that knowledge and pride back home and that makes me really happy. I feel very fortunate that I attended the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program and that it taught me more about who I am as an Inuk and as an individual.

Future Goals

 My goal right now is to continue and finish school, but most importantly to regain my traditional culture and language. The NS program helped me to keep moving forward and to never give up, because the instructors, tutors and students at NS gave me an inspiration to learn more about my culture, traditions, and to be resilient.