Inuit cultural studies II

Program: Inuit studies 0902X
Term: Winter
Course code: SSC0089

Culture is at the heart of Inuit identity. Students build on the cultural performing skills learned in Inuit Cultural Studies I as they plan for and implement a ten day trip abroad to share their culture and history with another indigenous group in another country.

Learning Outcomes
  • Contribute to an organized fundraising campaign to raise funds for an end-of-year trip.
  • Educate the public at home and abroad about Inuit history, geography, culture and politics.
  • Perform traditional and contemporary Inuit songs and dances.
  • Make and model traditional and contemporary Inuit clothing.
  • Teach basic Inuktitut to the general public.
  • Perform traditional and contemporary Arctic sports.
  • Produce multi-media projects with a focus on traditional and contemporary Inuit culture.
  • Participate in a ten day foreign trip to share their culture with indigenous peoples abroad.
Learning Activities
  • individual instruction
  • group rehearsals
  • public performances
  • making ulus, jewellery, and qaurut (headbands)
  • designing and sewing amautis and parkas
  • working with sealskins
  • producing short videos
  • learning traditional and contemporary Inuit songs, drumming, and dances