Inuit cultural studies I

Program: Inuit studies 0902X
Term: Fall
Course code: SSC0088

Culture is at the heart of Inuit identity. Students explore all aspects of their own cultural heritage and develop performing and presentation skills that equip them to share their culture with other Canadians

Learning Outcomes

At tindividual instruction
group rehearsals
public performanceshe end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Educate the general public about Inuit history, geography, culture and politics.
  • Perform traditional and contemporary Inuit songs and dances.
  • Make and model traditional and contemporary Inuit clothing.
  • Teach basic Inuktitut to the general public.
  • Perform traditional and contemporary Arctic sports.
  • Produce multi-media projects with a focus on traditional and contemporary Inuit culture.
  • Conduct and present research into a possible destination for an end-of-year trip.
Learning Activities
  • individual instruction
  • group rehearsals
  • public performances

Samples of performances include

  • Ottawa U Faculty of Medicine - Aboriginal Program
  • Carleton University - Student Pow Wow
  • Governor-General's Annual Winter Party
  • Winterlude
  • Conferences and special events
  • Visits to elementary and high schools