Introduction to Social Research

Program: Advanced Inuit studies 1902X
Term: Fall
Course code: SSC0011

This course is meant to introduce students to the process of research. The course is divided into six units; introduction to research, the historical roots of research in the North, identifying and evaluating sources, introduction to mapping, designing and administering surveys and finally designing and administering interviews/ oral histories. Through weekly class activities, readings, and assignments, students will develop an understanding of what is needed to conduct one's own research project. With this knowledge, students will be able to progress to the second research course (offered in the winter), where they will develop and carry out their own research project.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and decide on a research topic and question
  • Collect and conduct secondary research
  • Create a literature review
  • Create a letter of information and consent form
  • Understand the importance of research ethics (rights and responsibilities)
  • Design and conduct an interview, survey, oral history, and map biography
  • Design and carry out a social science research project (individual)
  • Create an ethnography and reflexive piece
  • Understand and participate in a debriefing session
Learning Activities
  • lectures by instructor
  • guest presentations
  • group discussions
  • videos / voice recordings
  • active learning through in-class demonstrations
  • individual reading and research

Samples of learning activities include:

  • research, using a variety of information sources
  • lecture and guest presentations
  • group discussion
  • create a consent form
  • design and conduct interview/survey
  • individual mapping project