Directed Research Project

Program: Advanced Inuit studies 1902X
Term: Winter
Course code: SSC0038_010

This course builds on the Fall Introduction to Social Research course. The aim of the Directed Research Project course is to apply the knowledge gained in the fall to design and conduct an individual major research project involving a particular social issue. Students will learn how to design a research project, design and carry out primary data collection, analyze data, interpret data, connect primary data to previous literature, and report their findings. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of sharing research findings with participants and the community as a whole.

Learning Outcomes
  • Design and carry out data collection as part of their own social science research project
  • Code and categorize primary data
  • Analyze primary data
  • Interpret data
  • Connect primary data to previous research (secondary data) done on social issue
  • Report findings
  • Share findings with participants and community
Learning Activities
  • lectures by instructor
  • guest presentations
  •  group discussions
  • videos / voice recordings
  • active learning through in-class demonstrations
  • individual reading and research

Samples of learning activities include:

  • research, using a variety of information sources
  • lecture and guest presentations
  • group discussion
  • collection of primary data
  • code primary data
  • categorize primary data
  • analyze primary data
  • interpret primary data
  • connect primary data to existing literature
  • report findings
  • disseminate findings