Contemporary Inuit Issues II

Program: Inuit studies 0902X
Term: Winter
Course code: SSC0093

In this course, students examine Inuit-run organizations and current affairs with a focus on their international dimensions. Students become familiar with the key circumpolar organizations, their historical and contemporary issues and strategies and identify legislative implications at the community level.

Terms such as subsistence and market economies, as well as debate aboriginal and animal rights, are explored. Students' individual communities and personal interests are examined with the goal of identifying the most appropriate planning processes for them to employ in order to achieve their communities' social development goals.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Critically examine the effects of legislation on Inuit culture, economy, food security and social organization.
  • Link aboriginal representation in the national and international political context to cultural survival and social well-being of the Inuit people.
  • Review, critically evaluate and report current issues concerning Inuit rights and self-determination, related to such topics as environmental contaminants, climate change, food security and subsistence economy.
  • Identify and describe the history and current functions of national and international Inuit organizations that have been established to deal with Inuit concerns.
Learning Activities
  • lectures by instructors
  • guest presentations by officials from Inuit organizations
  • group discussions
  • videos
  • individual reading and research
  • group collaborative projects

Samples of learning activities include:

  • note-taking
  • research, using a variety of information sources
  • arranging, and preparing for, teleconference calls with officials in the territorial/federal government, and national aboriginal and non-profit organizations
  • written formal essay assignments
  • lecture and guest presentations
  • group discussion and debate
  • analysis and critical evaluation of media with regard to current affairs specific to Inuit and Inuit advocacy groups/organizations
  • individual multi-media project